Viswakarma Puja Samagri

Sep - 01

Viswakarma Puja Samagri


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Sr No Items Des Suggested Qnt
1 ମହା ପ୍ରସାଦ/Maha Prasad/Nirmalya Mahaprasad Nirmalya is prepared from rice dried up in hot sun in Kaibalya Baikuntha. Nirmalya is also known as Kaibalya. Shree Jagannath’s Maha Prasad dried and packed, used on all auspicious and sacred occasions 1
2 Kalash/Ghata / ଘଟ Made in clay and used fot puja 3
3 ନାସି ଲଗା ପiଇଡ -Green Coconut Green Coconut 3
4 ଧୂପ-Dhupa/Agarbati Dhupa/Agarbati 1 packet
5 ଦୀପ-Dipa/ Clay Puja Lamp Dipa/ Clay Puja Lamp 1 pc
6 ତୁଳା ବତୀ-Tula Bati/Cotton wicks Tula Bati/Cotton wicks 1 Packet
7 Kapur/Camphor for Puja Kapur/Camphor for Puja 1 Packet
8 ପୁଜା ସିନ୍ଦୁର-Sindur for Puja ପୁଜା ସିନ୍ଦୁର-Sindur for Puja 1 Packet
9 ଅଷ୍ଟ ଗନ୍ଧ ଚନ୍ଦନ-Chandan/Sandal wood powder ଚନ୍ଦନ-Chandan/Sandal wood powder 1 Packet
10 Paita / ପଇତା-Sacred Thread A Sacred Thread 5 PC
11 ଗୋଟା ଗୁଆ-Gota Gua-Whole Betel Nuts 7 PC
12 Salu Kana / ସାଲୁ କନା A piece of red cotton cloth used in puja 1 MTR
13 ଗାମୁଛା ଗାମୁଛା 2 PC
14 ଅରୁଆ ଚାଉଳ/Arua Chaula/ Raw Rice Arua Chaula/ Raw Rice 2 kg
15 Raasi / ରାଶୀ raasi / ରାଶୀ 1 packet
16 ଯବ ଧାନ ଯବ ଧାନ 1 packet
17 ଧାନ-Dhhana/Rice Grain Dhhana/Rice Grain- ଧାନ 3 packets
18 ପଞ୍ଚ ମୁରୁଜ-Pancha Muruja Five Colors Like- Red, Yellow, White, Blue, Green 1 packet
19 ପଞ୍ଚ ଶସ୍ୟ-Pancha sasya pancha sasya 1 packet
20 ପଞ୍ଚ ରତ୍ନ-Pancha ratna pancha ratna 1 pack
21 ଗଙ୍ଗା ଜଳ-Ganga Jala- Holy Ganga Water The Water of Holy river Ganga 1 Bottel
22 ହୋମ କାଟ-Havan Sticks Havan Sticks-big 3 Bundles
23 ହୋମ ସାମଗ୍ରୀ-Havan Smagri a mixture of various dried herbal , roots and leaves) is offered in the ablazed fire which disseminates in micro form, in the air, to purify the environment besides activating the air as disinfectant germicidal agent.It is anti-bacterial and is made from high grade raw materials 100 gm
24 ରକ୍ଷା ସୂତ୍-Raksha Sutra We all tie a thread of various colours in our wrist. It’s known as scared thread or Raksha Sutra. Raksha means Protection. Sutra means Thread. Hence it’s a holy thread tied on wrist and according to Vratraaj, it protects against bad energies, spirits and mishaps and to ward off ghosts. 1 PC
25 Coconut- ନଡିଆ Coconut- ନଡିଆ 3 PC
26 କଜଳ କଜଳ 1 PC
27 Aguru / ଅଗୁରୁ AgarWood Oil, Used in Puja 1 Bottle
28 yellow mustard / ଶ୍ବେତ୍ ସୋରିଷ୍ yellow mustard / ଶ୍ବେତ୍ ସୋରିଷ୍ 1 packet
29 ଆଇନା- mirror ଆଇନା- mirror 1 PC
30 ପନୀଆ-comb ପନୀଆ-comb 1 PC
31 Kata gua- କଟା ଗୁଅ Kata gua- କଟା ଗୁଅ 50 gm
32 ଲବଙ୍ଗ-Labang- ଲବଙ୍ଗ-Labang- 1 packet
33 Gujurati-ଗୁଜୁରତି Gujurati-ଗୁଜୁରତି 1 packet
34 ଜାଇଫଳ -Jaiphala ଜାଇଫଳ -Jaiphala 2 PC
35 mat / ଆସନ mat / ଆସନ 2 PC
36 dhara grass/ holy grass/ କୁଶ dhara grass/ holy grass/ କୁଶ 1 bundle
37 Khira/ Milk Khira/ Milk 1 packet
38 ଦହି-Dahi/ Curd ଦହି-Dahi/ Curd 1 packet
39 ମହୁ -Mahu/Honey ମହ୍-Mahu/Honey 1 Bottle
40 ଗୁଡ-Gud/Jaggery ଗୁଡ-Gud/Jaggery 1 Packet
41 ଘିଅ-Ghee Pure Cow Ghee 500 gm
42 Gota Paan /ଗୋଟା ପାନ ପତ୍ର – Betel Leaf 2 PC
43 Flowers/ ଫୂଲ ଫୂଲ ହାର ଗୋଟେ ଓ ଫୁଲ 1 packet
44 ଆମ୍ବ ଡାଲ ଆମ୍ବ ଡାଲ 3 PC
45 ଦୂବ ଘାସ, କୋଲି ପତର, ଦୂବ ଘାସ, କୋଲି ପତର, 1 packet
46 Banana Leaf- କଦଲି ପତ୍ର Banana Leaf 1
47 Tulsi leaf- ତୁଳସି ପତ୍ର Tulsi leaf 1 packet
48 ଛଞ୍ଚା-chancha କିଛି ଛଉଳ  କିଛି ଡାଲି ଓ କିଛି ପରିବା arrange by ଜଜମନ
49 Sand- ବାଲି Sand- ବାଲି 1 packet

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