Marriage & Chaturthi Puja

Jul - 08

Marriage & Chaturthi Puja



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Made in Heaven, Performed by Us…

Marriage, the sacrament of Love, is not a human invention; it is a divine revelation. A bonding for ages and ages to come, a promise for a lifetime and beyond, a shared benevolence, and a vow to love, cherish and support each other forever, marriage enlightens the Souls in its truest sense. Hindus attach a great deal of importance to marriage and the timeless marriage rituals and customs. We, at PujaKarma provide you with the golden opportunity to solemnize your Marriage with the grace of the Almighty. With a group of experienced Purohits and a set of all Puja essentials needed in the smooth conduct of the sacred bonding, we not only help you to meet all the puja related requisites, but also equally celebrate your greatest joy to be a part of your life time memory…

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